The basic rules of good web design: alignment, proximity, repetition and contrast.

is a different kind of sight to say the least. The content appears slightly aggressive to me..


but I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinions. “I invite you to come with me on a journey, so we can attempt to get closer to what is really going on in the world today behind the movie that’s presented to us via the television set.”-Jim.

The website uses a three column grid  and works on a vertical scroll.

The use of allignment is important as it helps to quickly convay a sence of meaning of information. This is essential in web design as viewers spend less time reading onscreen than they would with hard copies of the same information. With this websire there are lots of elements grouped to gether under differet headings Main menu, Springboard One, Latest news. This seems like an organised system except its impossible to find anything. Users don’t know how to locate information as it is overloaded and confusing. There doesn’t seem to be any organization, rationalization and hierarchy of information.

The principle of proximity calls for related items to be grouped visually, creating less clutter and making for a more organized layout. Items unrelated to each other should be placed further apart, to emphasize their lack of relationship.I find it hard to understand why certain elements are grouped under differnt headings even tho they both are based on 9/11. Surely they could be put together for easier User Interface Design…..

Repetition typically shows up on websites as repeated visual elements that appear throughout the pages on the site. Repeated elements in a consistent manner help to promote the organization of the website and reinforce continuity.Repetition also gives your visitors a sense of site recognition and consistency. Using a repeated logo and keeping the headings, fonts, colors, sizes and styles the same across all pages adds a repetitive continuity that enhances the flow of the website. I think with the problem is that although there are headings being used the content underneath is too dence. It also dosnt allow for a good sence of flow as the headings are spaced out and disjointed meaning the user has to scroll down to see all of the headings before being able to decide where to start. There also isn’t enough difference between headings.

Contrast most people think colour but really its about the elements on the page standing appart but in a uniformed manner. There is a lack of contrast on there is a lack of hierarchy and this leaves the viewers eye roam the page uninvolved with any information.


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